If you’re looking for a unique adventure near Davis, WV, consider exploring the Moon Rocks! These ancient quartzite boulders have been called “mysterious” and “magical” for centuries and are believed to have mythical origins. Located along the summit of the Blackwater Canyon, these Moon Rocks are sure to be a memorable experience for anyone who visits!

What are the Moon Rocks of Davis, WV?

The Moon Rocks of Davis, WV are a geological site unlike any other. This unique site is home to ancient quartzite boulders that have long been shrouded in mystery.

In fact, it is believed that these rocks were formed when a meteorite hit Earth thousands of years ago! Exploring the Moon Rocks is an incredible experience, and one you won’t want to miss if you’re in the area. To find the Moon Rocks, you’ll need to head to the summit of the Blackwater Canyon.

The area is easily accessible by car, and the views from the top are stunning. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by an awe-inspiring array of quartzite boulders, each one unique and mysterious.

Be sure to take your time to explore and take in the beauty of the rocks. Who knows – you may even uncover something new and unexpected!

Visiting the Moon Rocks of Davis is an experience like no other.

So if you’re in the area, don’t miss out! The views, scenery and history are truly one-of-a-kind, and you’ll be sure to walk away with some amazing memories. So don’t wait – hit the road and discover these mysterious Moon Rocks for yourself!


The Moon Rocks of Davis, WV are fascinating geological features, with a mysterious and mythical origin. Ancient quartzite boulders of varying sizes are scattered along the summit of the Blackwater River’s canyon. They got their name because of how they resemble a landscape of a distant, alien world.

Local legends say they were once part of a meteor shower, sent down to Earth by a god. You should definitely pay a visit to the Moon Rocks, as it’s an experience like no other!

The best way to explore the area is by taking a hike along the summit. This will allow you to see the boulders up close and appreciate their unique beauty.

Be sure to bring a camera, as the scenery is breathtaking. You will also have the chance to take in the stunning views of the river and its surroundings.

Ancient Quartzite Boulders

If you’re visiting Davis, WV, you won’t want to miss the Moon Rocks. These ancient quartzite boulders, over a billion years old, can be found along the summit of the Blackwater Canyon. You’ll be amazed at how these mysterious boulders have withstood the test of time.

You’ll want to make sure you bring your camera, because the views of the Canyon from the Moon Rocks are spectacular!

Myths and legends are associated with the rocks, and you’ll love exploring the area. The peaceful surroundings give you a chance to explore the area and ponder its secrets. Take a few moments to contemplate the beauty of the rocks and the many stories that surround them. You’ll come away with a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world.

Mythical Origins

The Moon Rocks of Davis, WV have been the subject of local folklore for centuries. There are many legends surrounding the boulders, including tales of ancient gods who used the rocks to build their kingdom.

Some people also believe that the rocks have magical powers, and can be used to bring good luck and ward off evil. While these stories are likely nothing more than myth and legend, the beauty of the Moon Rocks is undeniable, and a visit to the site is certainly worth the effort. Visiting the Moon Rocks is a unique experience that is sure to inspire and delight.

The rocks offer a stunning panoramic view of Blackwater Canyon, and the quartzite boulders are truly awe-inspiring. Even if you don’t believe the mythical origins of the Moon Rocks, it’s a great spot to take in the surrounding beauty and capture some amazing photographs.

And of course, it’s a great place to connect with nature and take some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Head to Davis, WV, and check out the legendary Moon Rocks!


If you’re looking for a unique and magical adventure, exploring the Moon Rocks of Davis, WV is your ticket. Located in the summit of the Blackwater Canyon, these ancient quartzite boulders are a sight to behold.

The Moon Rocks have been shrouded in mysterious tales and myths since their discovery, making them an exciting attraction for visitors. When planning a trip to the Moon Rocks, it’s important to keep in mind that the terrain around them can be quite rugged. Make sure you’ve got the proper gear and supplies to get up to the summit. Once you’ve made it, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the natural beauty of the rocks and take plenty of pictures to remember your visit.


The Moon Rocks of Davis, WV are located on the summit of Blackwater Canyon, just a few miles from the town of Davis. To get there, you’ll need to take the Blackwater Canyon Turnpike from Davis.

The turnpike is a winding road that takes you to the summit of the canyon. Once you reach the summit, you’ll have an amazing view of the rocks. They are massive quartzite boulders that have been around for centuries.

To explore the Moon Rocks, you’ll need to be prepared for some hiking.

The rocks are located on a rugged mountain trail that requires a good pair of boots and some stamina. You should also bring plenty of water, as it can get hot in the summer months. The Moon Rocks are a great way to explore the natural beauty of West Virginia and take in the majestic scenery of Blackwater Canyon. So don’t delay – get out to Davis and explore the Moon Rocks today!

Visiting the Moon Rocks

Visiting the Moon Rocks of Davis, WV is a must-do for any nature lover or rock hound. You’ll have the chance to see some pretty amazing ancient quartzite boulders, as well as bask in the mystique of the area’s mythical origins.

To make the most of your visit, here’s a few tips. First and foremost, plan ahead and make sure you know exactly where you’re going and when.

The Moon Rocks are located off the beaten path, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good map and a reliable GPS. Be sure to bring the right gear. You’ll want comfortable clothing and shoes, a first aid kit and plenty of water.

And don’t forget your camera – the Moon Rocks are a sight to behold! If you’re looking for a fun and unique adventure, visiting the Moon Rocks of Davis, WV is definitely the way to go.

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