Black Kongo – AAAA – Sativa

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Black Kongo, if relaxation is what you seek, then look no further, you just found your new budmate. Stupendously powerful cerebral and body buzzes that launches you into a super chill euphoric state of absolute pure zen which almost automatically puts you into a state of meditation that helps you completely forget about everything and focus on yourself. Pure bliss, happy, fun, warm, fuzzy feeling that lasts for hours, not to mention how mindful and clearheaded you feel while baked. Highly recommended for yoga or meditation.


Smell: Phenomenally sweet ripe grape scent reminiscent of o those old school Blue Candy Straws with a chill skunk aroma.

Dry toke: Super musky, Uber sweet flavours of overly ripe grapes mixed with a curiously spicy/skunky taste and minor hints of mint.

Taste while smoking: Out of this world pungent, deliciously sweet grape/tropical fruit flavours that tastes like Swedish Berries on the inhale and a very mild sweet/fruit/skunk taste on the exhale.

Smoothness: Unbelievably smooth and heavenly light on the inhale and an a super mellow pretty much nonexistent exhale.

Ash colour: Almost pure white with specks of ultra light grey.

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2 reviews for Black Kongo – AAAA – Sativa

  1. Solid sativa-heavy pick up. Great for relaxing after my long shifts and getting into some videogames.

  2. Its a good sativa. Too light a smoke for me tho. But its smooth.

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