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Burt Reynolds — AAA+ — Indica



 Burt Reynolds may be amazing, but the flavor is what will keep you coming back for more! 

▶ Lineage: N/A
▶ Flavors: Sweet, Creamy, Cookie
▶ Aromas: Sweet, Floral, Earthy

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Burt Reynolds is the perfect hybrid strain for anyone who wants to feel smooth and suave. This evenly balanced indica/sativa mix gets its name from the iconic actor, and it lives up to its namesake with hard-hitting effects and a long-lasting, aromatic flavor.


Appearance: This bud has small fluffy olive green nugs with dark undertones, deep amber hairs, and a coating of clear crystal trichomes.

Taste & Aroma: Burt Reynolds has a sweet and creamy cookie flavor that’s accented by fresh rose on each exhale. The aroma is very sweet and floral with an earthy overtone that’s light and airy.

Effects: The Burt Reynolds high has a building onset, filling the back of your head with tingly euphoria and focus before launching you into a state of lifted bliss. This happy tingle will soon spread its blissful tendrils throughout the rest of your body, anchoring itself in your very limbs with arousing buzzing and deep physical relaxation. These effects can last for hours, leaving you creative and focused yet entirely calm and at ease. 

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1 review for Burt Reynolds — AAA+ — Indica

  1. Tried many different strains with OG, This is my favourite.
    Strong terps like OG’s description .. perfect cure and Burn, ,, gotta score more!

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