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Before smoking these Glookies prepare to succumb to an extremely powerful state of pure euphoric bliss kind of like you turned on the fan switch. Your energy will be through the roof and so will your creative and inventive capabilities. Works wonders on carpal tunnel, arthritis or any type of information with her majesty’s narcotic-like body stone will incinerate pain and keep it at bay for a while. You’ll be completely and utterly baked but you’ll have your wits about you, especially when performing intricate tasks. Connoisseurs should be sure to add this to their collection as they will love this Fantasy land type high.

Lineage: Gorilla Glue X The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Smell: A powerful blast of gas entices all senses and anticipation to smoke with some very strong sweet citrus and herbal goodness.

Dry toke: Delectable gas flavour with a superbly sweet citrus and a good amount of vanilla with some herbal/floral/earthy notes

Taste while smoking: Super pungent gas flavour that’s very sweet with a touch of citrus and herbs on the inhale. Great funky gas flavour that’s a little sweet on the exhale.

Smoothness: Unbelievably smooth and light on the inhale and a virtually nonexistent felling on the exhale.

Burn: Not a problem with ignition and she don’t go out.


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2 reviews for Glookies – AAA+ – Indica — OUT OF STOCK

  1. Buds are much nicer than in the pics. While the trim is not the cleanest ever, the buds are super nice and chunky and are absolutely glistening with crystals. Taste-wise it’s very much along the lines of a Pink Kush/Rockstar-type but the effect is quite balanced and won’t leave you in a couch lock. As you get through the joint you will start to notice some sweet candy notes as well.

  2. Big nugs and very good lookin, burns clean and taste good but just not the best gas on this site !!! Theres some here way better for the price but still very good

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