katsu x pugs breath
Cat – Pug LSO

Katsu x Pug’s Breath — AAAA — Indica

If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, be sure to give Katsu x Pug’s Breath a try!

▶ Lineage: Katsu x Pug’s Breath
▶ Flavors:
Earthy, Diesel
▶ Aromas:
Earthy, Diesel

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Looking for a strain that will leave you feeling relaxed and couch-locked? You found the right strain: Katsu x Pug’s Breath! This potent indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch, thanks to the Katsu parent strain. The Katsu parent strain is known for its high THC content, while the Pug’s Breath adds to the strain’s pungent aroma.


Effects: It produces heavy relaxation and couch-locking effects. It also induces a strong sense of sedation and can be quite overwhelming for beginners.

Taste & Aroma: It has a pungent, earthy aroma with hints of diesel. The taste is similar, with a potent indica body high that can be quite overwhelming for beginners. Expect couch-locked relaxation and a heavy body high from this strain. Not recommended for beginners due to its potent effects.

Appearance: It typically has dark green buds with hints of purple. The buds are dense and sticky, due to the high THC content. 

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