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Miracle Alien Cookies 66 – AAAA – Indica

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Miracle Alien Cookies 66 is a sexy sensimilla señorita that contains a particularly potent high that engages all senses to the next level, almost as if you’re temporarily a superhuman. Intense clarity and ability to concentrate is heightened immensely. Sensations of power flow throughout your body which forces you to get up and go, whether that be physically or mentally. Incredible body stone that numbs all senses and leaves you tingling for an acceptable duration. If you’re lucky enough, psilocybin-like laughing fits can happen periodically.

Lineage: Alien Cookies X (Colombian X Starfighter)

Smell: Beautifully sweet gas/skunk aroma with some sense teasing spiciness in the background.

Dry toke: Outrageously sweet gas/skunk/flavour with a tantalizing spiciness and subtle after notes of cocobolo and earth.

Taste while smoking: Ridiculously pungent gas flavour that’s super sweet with a tiny touch of cocobolo and earth on the inhale. Tastes like a gassy tropical forest pie on the exhale that sticks to your palate like glue.

Smoothness: Very smooth and light on the inhale and a bit of a scratch on The back of the throat probably due to high THC% on the exhale.

Burn: Lights up effortlessly and doesn’t go out even after a minute.

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3 reviews for Miracle Alien Cookies 66 – AAAA – Indica

  1. Jesus Chrsit forgot to pull out shordy and made MAC 66

  2. Jesus Chrsit forgot to pull out shordy and made MAC 66

  3. Very nice stuff. Hits all the boxes.Great MAC taste to it, and very nice high that doesn’t couch lock but leaves you nice and stoned and productive if you want. I LOVE this stuff before going to work, really great strain. Only “complaint” would be that it was a little dry. And by little I mean very little. Almost can’t even complain, but can’t rate 5 stars only due to this.

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