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Project 4516 is perfect for Wake n Bake with this exceptionally uplifting, positive, enlightening, healing, fun high that miraculously forces you forget about all the bullshit. Excellent body stone that numbs you from head to toe but doesn’t lock you to the couch immediately. Narcotic, cerebral, almost psychedelic high that seems to open up your pineal gland for some extraordinarily thought processes. The only price you have to pay for this galactic energetic buzz is that after some time you will be locked to the couch for a period of euphoric bliss. Expect annoying pasties and super red eyes that make you feel the way you did back in the day when you first started smoking. Recommended for anybody dealing with pain or stress or if you just want to clear your mind.

Lineage: Gelato 45 X Platinum Puff

Smell: Extremely gassy aromatics with a lot of skunk and spice and some subtle earth notes.

Dry toke: Ridiculously powerful gas flavour that’s quite sweet and spicy with a touch of earth in the background.

Taste while smoking: Phenomenally gassy flavour that’s really sweet with a touch of spice, earth and skunk on the inhale. Very strong gas flavour that’s subtly sweet and it’s got a little poke of skunk, spice and earth on the exhale.

Smoothness: Pretty smooth and light on the inhale and exhale.

Burn: Sparks up pretty easy and it will go out if you wait 30 to 60 seconds.

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