Purple Pugs Breath – AAA – Indica


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Purple Pugs Breath takes 10 minutes to kick in, but you’ll be very grateful that you applied fire to this gorgeous empress and sucked up her purple fumes. She will embrace you with a gargantuan high that’s a wonderful semi-psychedelic inebriation that sends you far far away. You’ll be thoroughly enjoying a blissful, euphoric, mind-twisting, super fun head buzz with a very heavy head-to-toe body stone. Your Highness will definitely make connoisseurs’ top 10 lists. Stock up, or miss out.

Smell: Phenomenally sweet, extreme gas flavour that smells like overripe tropical fruit dipped in gasoline.

Dry toke: Unbelievably sugary tropical fruit flavour that’s totally gassed out, which hastens sparking dramatically.

Taste while smoking: Tantalizingly pungent gas flavour that’s super sweet and a little spicy on the inhale. Very gassy sweet/skunk taste on the exhale.

Smoothness: Extraordinarily smooth and light on the inhale and exhale. The only reason you feel it, is due to high THC%.

Ash colour: Mostly white with some very light grey.


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1 review for Purple Pugs Breath – AAA – Indica

  1. Big purple centred buds that burst with a fruity nose reminiscent of a flintstones vitamin and is elevated tenfold upon breaking apart the flowers. Salt and pepper ash and a nice clean smoke. I’d have given it a 5 but I found the terps a touch on the muted side. Otherwise magnificent bud and a nice sedative high.

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